Pablo G. Debenedetti - Professor in Engineering and Applied Science - Princeton University
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Current Projects

  • Computational studies of hydrate nucleation
  • Computational studies of ice nucleation
  • Evaporation kinetics and equilibrium phase behavior of water in hydrophobic confinement
  • Statistical mechanics of protein conformational stability
  • Computational studies of proteins in glassy matrices
  • Molecular theory of hydrophobic hydration
  • Theory and simulation of supercooled and glassy water
  • Theory and simulation of supercooled liquids and glasses
  • Supercooled liquid behavior and glass phenomena in thin films
  • Computational studies of phase behavior relevant to carbon capture and storage
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic models of the emergence of biological homochirality
  • Desalination using clathrate hydrates
  • Computational studies of water transport in fuel cell membranes
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