Pablo G. Debenedetti - Professor in Engineering and Applied Science - Princeton University
Pablo G. Debenedetti

My research program addresses a range of topics in the theory of condensed matter. Examples include glasses and the glass transition, water and aqueous solutions, nucleation, metastabilty, and protein thermodynamics. We employ computational and theoretical methods rooted in statistical mechanics to study problems such as the effects of temperature, pressure and co-solutes on protein stability; the origin of biological homochirality; the structure, dynamics and phase behavior of water in nano-scale confinement; dynamics in supercooled liquids; the thermodynamics of supercooled water; the thermodynamics of hydrophobicity; the thermodynamics, formation mechanisms and formation kinetics of clathrate hydrates; and the properties of proteins and other biomolecules under low-moisture conditions and in glassy matrices.

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