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Who we are:

The PGD group uses experiments, molecular simulation, and theory to investigate the relationship between molecular-level interactions and the thermodynamic behavior of substances.  Within this general subject, we focus on the theory and engineering of metastable liquids, network-forming fluids, and glass-forming (amorphous) materials.  Our research attempts to explain macroscopic phenomena using theoretical tools like statistical mechanics, and has applications such as the prevention of hydrate formation in natural gas pipelines and the preservation of biologically active materials.


Note: for the personal website of Pablo Debenedetti, which contains detailed information regarding group research and past publications, please go here.

Group News:

February 17: Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Vella!

January 17: New graduate student: Dan Kozuch. Welcome!

January 17: Congratulations to Professor Amir Haji-Akbari @ Yale!

October 16: New Post-doc: Mohammad Navaid Khan. Welcome!

February 16: Congratulations to Dr. Francesco Ricci!

January 16: Congratulations to Dr. Lichao Cai!

Sept 14: Congratulations to Dr. Kevin B. Daly!

July 14: New Post-doc: Folarin B. Latinwo. Welcome!

May 14: New graduate student: Betul Uralcan. Welcome!

May 14: New Post-doc: Rakesh S. Singh. Welcome!

May 14: Congratulations to Dr. Zane Shi!

Oct 13: Congratulations to Dr. Harold W. Hatch!

Jan 13: New graduate students: Elia Altabet, Sang Beom Kim, and Joseph Vella (co-advised with Thanos Panagiotopoulos)

Oct 12: Congratulations to Dr. Yang Liu!

Sep 12: Congratulations to former Post-Doc Sumit Sharma on his marriage!

Aug 12: Visiting graduate student: Melisa Gianetti

Feb 12: Congratulations to Dr. Theresa Lindholm (Cho)!

Feb 12: New post-doc: Amir Haji-Akbari

Jan 12: New graduate student: Arun Prabhu (co-advised with Thanos Panagiotopoulos)

Jan 12: Congratulations to Professor Sapna Sarupria!

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