Welcome to the Debenedetti research group webpage.

Group News:

Dec 11: Congratulations to Dr. Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillón!

Oct 11: New Post-Doc: Jeremy Palmer

Jan 11: New graduate students: Frank Ricci and Lichao Cai (co-advised with Sankaran Sundaresan)

Apr 10: Visiting Professor: Claudio Cerdeiriña

Feb 10: New Post-Doc: Sumit Sharma

Jan 10: New graduate student: Kevin Daly (co-advised with Thanos Panagiotopoulos and Jay Benziger)

Oct 09: Congratulations to Dr. Tom Lombardo!

Aug 09: New graduate student: Zane Shi

Aug 09: New Post-Doc: Sapna Sarupria

Jan 09: New graduate student: Harold Hatch

Sep 08: Former Post-Doc and now Professor Nicolas Giovambattista begins teaching at Brooklyn College!

27 Jun 08: Congratulations to graduate student Tom Lombardo on his marraige. Pictures can be seen here.

03 Apr 08: Congratulations to Dr. Swaroop Chatterjee!

24 Jan 08: Congratulations to Dr. Bryan Patel! Can't wait for Reunions 2008!

Jan 08: New graduate student (co-advised with Thanos Panagiotopoulos): Yang Liu

6 Oct 07: Congratulations to former group member Tom O'Connor on his marriage to Brigitte Brunelle in Reston, Virginia. Pictures from the wedding can be seen here

Sep 07: Former grad student and now Professor Scott Shell begins teaching his first class, Grad Thermo, at UC-Santa Barbara. The rest of the group is certain that he'll do a great job, although he'll probably make way too many jokes about the excess entropy.

2 May 07: Congratulations to Jeff Errington and his wife on the birth of their daughter Lauren! Pictures can be seen here.

24 Apr 07: Congratulations to Dr. Tom O'Connor on his successful FPO! We'll be seeing you at graduation!

13 Apr 07: Congratulations to Yanfeng Zhang and his wife Chaochao on the birth of their daughter Michelle! Pictures can be seen here.

Jan 07: New graduate student (co-advised with Ilhan Aksay): Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon

10 Jul 06: Congratulations to group alum Melissa Wasserman and her husband Dan on the birth of their son Elliot!

Jun 06: Scott and Lawrence return for graduation ceremonies. One last picture of the 2005 incarnation of the PGD group can be seen here.

Apr 06: Swaroop's declaration as the man retracted for failing to use his power, for good or ill. US Weekly story retracted and taken down at the behest of the rest of the PGD group.

Feb 06: Lawrence Lee graduates! Good luck at the FDA!

Jan 06: New graduate student (co-advised with Thanos Panagiotopoulos): Andy Ferguson

Sep 05: Swaroop Chatterjee officially declared the man by US Weekly. Read the story here. We're proud of you Swaroop!

Aug 05: Scott Shell graduates! Good luck at UCSF!

Jan 05: New graduate students: Theresa Cho, Tom Lombardo

Aug 04: New post-doc: Nicolas Giovambattista from BU

Jan 04: New graduate student: Swaroop Chatterjee

Dec 03: Melissa Feeney graduation

Jan 03: New group members: Bryan Patel, Prasenjit Bhattacharya

Dec 02: New group member Subhranil De

Nov 02: Vince Shen send-off

Jan 02: New group members: Francisco and Tom

Aug 01: Jeff Errington send-off