Engineering Quadrangle A027:


Computational laboratory with seven Intel-based workstations, 32 Dell Optiplex Job Servers (eight each of 2.4 GHz, 3 GHz, and sixteen 3.4 GHz), and 3 Domain Controllers (a dual-core dual 3.2 GHz Dell PowerEdge SC1420, and two dual 1GHz Dell Precision 220s). A photo of our cluster is shown below sitting on our sturdy metal rack (nicknamed Prudence). Visit the PGD group Wall of Fame, an index of our computers and their histories.



If you're wondering why our rack is empty and our computers appear to be missing, don't worry, it's not an optical illusion. Due to space, power and cooling constraints, our cluster is currently housed in Princeton University's Office of Information Technology Server Room. While we do appreciate the benefits of remote storage, we miss the presence of our monstrous new server Beast.


Engineering Quadrangle A112:


Thermal biopreservation laboratory with calorimetry, freeze drying, and water titration capabilities.